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         Supply one stop complete procurement solution, equipment, materials, and intelligent production improvement and enhance the innovative development for dental laboratories .


To be the leading global provider of denture industry solutions, offering high-quality products and personalized support to customers. We strive to advance the industry towards advanced, technological, and sustainable development.


     ● Customer-oriented:Prioritize customer needs, provide professional and high-quality products and services, and build long-term partnerships.

       ● lnnovation-driven:Continuously research and innovate to lead the denture industry's development and meet changing customer demands.

       ● Resource integration:Utilize our group's assets and resources to provide integrated solutions for customers, achieving mutual success.

       ● Sustainable development:Focus on continuous improvement and learning, offering employees development opportunities and ensuring long-term sustainable growth.

Development History

■ 2002 Founder and CTO was ajoint post-doctoral researcher at the University of Michigan School of Dentistry, Department of Physics and Department of Chemistry.

■ 2006 Founder and CTO was appointed as a doctoral supervisor of biomedical engineering in the College of Engineering of Peking University, and started the research and development of zirconia powder production process.

■ 2011 Completed the R&D of zirconia powder for denture and started mass production.

■ 2012 First dental Laboratory was established.

■ 2013 Dental zirconia block production plant was established and began to undertake OEM business.

■ 2015 Established a Hong Kong company to undertake business in the international market.

■ 2018 Established R&D technology company and launched the digital factory solution of automatic design, automatic layout, automatic cutting and automatic sintering. 

■ 2021 Established ZirconMax with four business segments: dental zirconia powder and block production plant, digital equipment for denture production, invisible orthodontic business, and denture manufacturing.

■ 2023 Established PrimeCera, an overseas business subsidiary of the Company, dedicated to providing one-stop dental zirconia and equipment procurement, denture subcontracting, orthodontics and digital and intelligent production upgrading solutions for global denture manufacturers. 

About us 

PrimeCera is a subs昢ary of Zircon max Group, with a registered capital of 50 m仙on RMB, which owns an independent zirconia powder factory, a zirconia production factory, a dental intelligent equipment R&D factories, and 10 large dental Laboratories. PrimeCera, as a subs昢ary of the entire group specializing in international business, offers one-stop shopping for complete solutions, equipment and materials for newly established dental laboratories, as well as intelligent production improvements for existing dental laboratories.

PrimeCera supply dental zirconia block, CADCAM m仆ling machine, 30 printer, 30 scanner, resin teeth automatic nesting and sorting machines, sintering furnaces, glass ceramics, PEEK, a variety of m由ng bur, wax block, pmma block and so on.

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