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Titanium Grade 2&5 Block

September-15, 2023

PrimeCera Titanium Block Disc

PrimeCera provide high purity titanium grade 2 and Grade 5 specially designed for CAD CAM milling systems which is used for bridge structures, realization of Toronto Bars, complex structures on implants , over dentures and implant abutments in any particular clinical case is observed sensitivity or allergic reactions to metals.


Presents characteristics of biocompatibility, lightness and purity, it is more bio-safe, better casting property and excellent polishing property.


Titanium blank applied in Dental CAD/CAM, crowns and Bridges of the anterior and posterior regions, any veneering ceramics can be applied in Titanium blank, It's the best metal present on the market for medical use.


Titanium blank


OD98*8 - 25mm;

OD95*8 - 25mm.

Titan >99%                       

Fe 0.30%                       

C 0.01%                         

N 0.04%                          

O 0.35%                         

H 0.01%   

Density: 4.51g/cm3

Vickers Hardness : 145MPa

E-module: 105kN/mm2

Yield Strength: 275MPa

Tensile Strength: 345MPa

Elongation at break: 20%

CTE: 9.6*10-6/m Celsius

Titanium blank


OD98*8 - 25mm;

OD95*8 - 25mm.

Titan 90%                     

Fe 0.13%                     

Al 6.0%                         

V 4.1%                         

O 0.1%                       

H 0.001%                     

N 0.01%                       

C 0.03%

Density: 4.43g/cm3

Vickers Hardness : 353MPa

E-module: 114kN/mm2

Yield Strength: 836MPa

Tensile Strength: 897MPa

Elongation at break: 12%

CTE: 10.3μm /K 25-500° C

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