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September-23, 2023

■ Reduce 50% cost and increase 99% efficiency;

■ No need for personnel to guard, 10 Blocks automatically change, 24-hour efficient production;

 Industrial-grade precision ball screws, precision servo drive system;

 118°open fixture with secondary fixture, maximize the material utilization rate;

 6000rmp high-frequency, high-precision heavy-duty spindle;

■ Quick-change tool magazine, convenient for different types of tools to quickly switch between the whole group;

 Tool wear, life control system;

 Internet remote diagnosis and maintenance, more timely after-sales;

■ Cutting breakpoint renewal, only memory processing program;

PrimeCera CADCAM milling machine SK-5D
Disc Changer Magazine1
Net Weight


Rotation Angle

X: 190mm/Y: 11Omm/Z:105mm 

A:360° B: 土30°

Milling Precision0.02mm
Compressed Air7bar,50L/min
Tools Library8
Processing Method5-Axis Linkage, Wet milling
Spindle coolingWater-cooling
Maximum Speed60000rmp
Rated Working Pressure0.45-0.7Mpa
Installation Conditions

Stable voltage:220V;50Hz

Humidity:15-35°C; Retative humidity<80%

Transmission InterfaceUSB/Ethemet(rear USB connector, wire connector)
Mill MaterialPremill abutment, Glass ceramic, HPP, PMMA, PEEK

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